Success cases

The last 15+ years has given me the opportunity to serve both regional companies and global brands transforming their business and grow faster.

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Increased MQLs over 200%

Telia Company | 2023

From 2021 the MQL intake has hit all-time-high three years running.

Doubled loan portfolio

FOREX Bank | 2009

When our COO set the full year targets we were given the daunting challenge of doubling the loan portfolio in one year with no marketing budget, and no possibility to work with the pricing. I knew that we had a really good product and I felt that we didn’t use our resources in the best way. I approached the challenge by overlooking the sales channels first and realized that a few of our distribution channels were underperforming. So we worked hard with improving our own online sales funnel and optimizing our partner channels.

In a years time we had increased the loan portfolio with 99,5% and increased the growth rate substantially going forward.

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"The northern star"

Hewlett Packard | 2001

There were nine regional admin centers (RACs) across Europe serving all markets and when I was appointed supervisor of the Nordic RAC, we had the worst performance of them all. By reorganizing our staff, improving the processes and offering hope to the team we were able to completely turn things around. After only two months we were the best RAC in all of Europe, outperforming the other RACs by far. And we kept on improving from there.

Internally within HP EMEA, the Nordic RAC went under the name: ”The Northern star” named after a popular song at the time by Melonie C.

Clients that I have worked with

These are some of the clients that I have had the fortune of working with.

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